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A few months ago, sometime before Christmas, I made myself a (rather gigantic) bag.
It was great! I usually used it to carry my books in, sometimes my groceries.
However, recently, I noticed it had stretched considerably. I realize that this was rather common occurrence with one particular type of yarn: Vanna’s Choice.
Granted, this yarn is very soft, and makes nice scarves and hats. But, it is very expensive (even when on sale!) and you don’t get very much for what you pay. Pros and cons, I suppose. Regardless.

I’m making a new bag. Well, actually, several.

First! My grandmother gave me this odd, sort of suede-like yarn, and I am making a smaller version of the gigantic bag out of that, using the same pattern.

Gigantic Bag
You will need:

  • Any type of yarn. I highly recommend a thicker yarn. I highly recommend it not be Vanna’s Choice.
    (Or Simply Soft, as that stretches like mad, too, but is so delightful for blankets.)
  • Any size? I’m using my usual K-hook, because I don’t like change.
  • Patience to count.

What to do:

  1. Chain 4, slip stich closed to form ring.
  2. Do 8 half double crochets into first stitch of ring. slp st closed.
  3. Do 2 single crochets into each hdc. (16 sts total)
  4. Do 1 sc in first st, 2 sc into next. Repeat. (24 sts total)
  5. Continue in this fashion, adding another sc for each subsequent row.
    (ex: 2sc in ea, 2 sc into next st for the 4th row; 3sc in ea, 2 sc into next st for the 5th; etc.)
    [Note: the whole thing is similar to a hat, with the initial flat circle being larger.]
  6. When you’ve gotten the flat circle to the size you want it, do 1 sc into ea st of the previous row.
  7. Continue with 1 sc into ea st until the bag is half the height you want it. At this point, do a hdc into each st.
    (SCs make for a sturdier base.)
  8. From when you begin the hdc, half way through that begin doing decrease stitches. I did mine in an 8 st decrease. This makes the bag somewhat tear-shaped.
    (I do a rim around the top, but this isn’t necessarily needed.)

For the handle(s) I just make a long strip of hdcs or cross-crochets and sew it on. If I ever figure out how to do something different, I will ammend this. I’ve also seen handles you can crochet on, but those don’t interest me.

The other bag!
I’m not entirely sure how I’m going about this, honestly, but I’ve had a few people ask me if I make those bags from shredded groceries bags, so I’m going to give it a go. I will probably use a similar (if not that exact) pattern.
This website has the best instructions I’ve found thus far.

I suppose it should be noted that one plastic bag does not equal a whole lot of “yarn.” However, most people have a ton of these lying around.
If you want a bag and/or have plastic bags on hand, but don’t want to do all that, let me know! I’ll make it for you.


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