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I don’t generally like the number six.

In my experiences, it usually leads to awkward, occasionally menacing things. Bad things happen in sixes, too, not threes: it’s always three big things, and three little things.

Regardless! I decided to make a hexagon blanket, because I haven’t made one yet.

A month or so ago, my grandmother gave me a trash bag full of balls of blue yarn. Mostly navy blue, with some smaller balls of light colors. I made all of the bigger ones into hats, and a few of the small, light ones into flowers for the hats and a necklace.

But I still had a lot let over. So I tied them all together, and rolled them into one giant ball. And started crocheting the hexagon.

Why a hexagon? To satiate me impulse to count things. And, well, it’ll be interesting when it’s done!

It’s a fairly simple pattern:

Chain 4, slip stitch closed to form a ring.

Round 1:

Chain 5. [3 Double Crochets into ring, chain 2] 5 times, then 2 DC into ring. Slip stitch into the 3rd chain of chain-5.

Round 2:

Slip stitch in next chain, chain 5, 1 DC into 2-ch space.

*1 DC into each of the three DC. [1 DC ch 2 1DC] in ch-2 space.

Repeat from * 4 times.

1 DC in next 2 DC. 1 DC in 3rd ch of Round-1’s ch 5.

Slip stitch in 3rd ch of this round’s ch-5.

Repeat Round 2 as many times as needed for desired size, adding 12 DCs to each round (in the ch-2 spaces.)

I’ll post pictures when I’m done!


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