Sunflower Pattern

March 25, 2009 at 5:02 pm (Crocheting) (, , )

Sunflower Medallion
You Will Need:

  • 2 skeins each of:
    • Red Heart super saver Coffee
    • Red Heart super saver Cornmeal
    • Red Heart super saver Gold
    • Red Heart super saver Medium Thyme
      • [You will have yarn left over, but one skein is not enough.]
  • Size K crochet hook
  • Yarn needle

What To Do:

In Coffee:

  1. Chain 4. Slip stitch to form ring.
  2. Chain 1, 7 single crochets into ring.
  3. Chain 2, 15 half double crochet (2 into ea sc.)
  4. Chain 2, 31 hdc (2 into ea sc.)
  5. Fasten off.

In Gold or Cornmeal

  1. Ch 4, 5 triple crochets in same stitch, ch 3
  2. Skip 3 stitches
  3. * 6 trc in next st, ch 3, skip 3 sts
  4. Repeat from * 6 times, 8 groups total.
  5. Slip st closed.
  6. Ch 4. 1 trc in next 5 sts, leaving a loop on the hook. YO and pull through all 6 loops to from cluster, slip st closed. Ch 7.
  7. *1 trc in next 6 sts, cluster, ch 7.
  8. Repeat from * 6 times, 8 groups total.
  9. Slip st closed, and fasten off.
  10. Push clusters from back to form petals.

In Medium Thyme:

  1. Ch 3 in top st of cluster.
  2. 3 double crochet into ch-7 space, ch 2, 2-ch picot, ch 2, 3 DC, 1 DC into st of next cluster.
  3. Ch 3, 4 HDC into ch-7 space, ch 3
  4. *1 DC into st of cluster, 3 DC into ch-7 space, ch 2,2-ch picot, ch 2, 3 DC into ch-7 space, 1 DC into st of next cluster. Ch 3, 4 HDC into ch-7 space, ch 3.
  5. Repeat from * twice.
  6. Slip stitch closed and fasten off.

NOTE: The ch 2, 2-ch pictot, ch 2 is the corner.
Make as many as you’d like.

Lace Square

  • Size  H crochet hook (for tighter stitches.)
  • Coffee and/or Medium Thyme yarn.
  1. Ch 6, slp st closed to form ring.
  2. 12 SC into the ring, slp st closed.
  3. *Ch 9, skip 2 st, slp st into 3rd.
  4. Repeat from * three times. Slp st in 5 sts of first ch-9.
  5. *Ch-11, slp st into the 5th st of next ch-9.
  6. Repeat from * three times. Slp st in 6 sts of first ch-11.
  7. Ch 3, do 2 DC into same st. Ch 2, 2-ch picot, ch 2, 3 DC in same st of first 2 DCs.
  8. *Ch 6, HDC into top of row-1 ch-9 space (where two ch-11 meet in row-2)
  9. Ch 6, 3 DC into 6th st of ch-11. Ch 2, 2-ch picot, ch 2, 3 DC into same st.
  10. Repeat 3 times. Fasten off.

Sew the whole thing together however you please. I used the green to sew mine together, but I thought the brown might have looked better. (Not that it really matters.)

I did mine in rows of alternating Sunflower medallions (gold, cornmeal, gold; et cetera) touching at corners (like diamonds instead of squares) with the lace squares as the second row, in between.

Makes for a light, airy throw, perfect for summer!


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March 17, 2009 at 4:33 am (Crocheting, Shenanigans, Sleep Remedy) (, , , , , )


Okay, technically, I finished it in December,  and it got ruined, and I had to un-sew it and fix it, and…yeah it took me a while.

I will post a pattern when I find the notebook I wrote it down in. It’s lovely!

Sunflower throw coner view

Sunflower throw, corner view

A very poor, cell phone picture of the corner. I took this right before I sewed the whole thing together again.
But even in the poor quality, you can see the loveliness.

It’s 35 sunflower squares (5 by 7, 18 golden, 17 cornflower yellow, in an every-other pattern.) 24 large lace squares (coffee brown.) and 20 small lace squares (two different greens, because I ran out of the one. I forget the name of both, but all yarn was Red Heart.)

Also, making a Leprechaun for my adorable Nephew! Also, planning to make Irish Potatoes.

Also…Zolpidem makes you hallucinate! Wow. Normally, I wouldn’t take it. But I’ve been up since…Saturday afternoon? Whoo! Awful. Losing my mind.

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